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Re: Snow hogs, and interesting possibility
Posted By: tLove <>Date: 9/28/04 7:21 p.m.

In Response To: Snow hogs, and interesting possibility (GryphonOsiris)

: I'm certain that everyone has seen the models for the tracked hog for artic
: warfare. I like the idea, personally, better traction on ice and snow,
: unlike the regular hog that was uncontrolable on the ice. It does make me
: think, however. Now, while on HALO 04 the snow was around the control room
: area... A debate for later. As for on Earth (if that is where it is being
: used) there are several places it might turn up. The first one that would
: normally come to mind would be Antartica or the north pole. Second would
: be Alaska or Wisconsin in winter. But knowing bungie and how they love
: conumdrums a third location came to mind.

: Siberia.

: Stick with me on this one, it is a little wild. Around 1900 or so (can
: someone find the exact date?) a unidentified object fell from space and
: exploded over a desolate part of Siberia (wait, that IS most of Siberia).
: Well, moving on, when people finaly were able to examine the site a few
: decades later they found that all the trees had been flatened in a odd
: figure eight like shape. The popular theroy is that whatever it was
: airbursted before it impacted, so there was no actual crater and the
: object was never found. Now here is the wild part, what is bungie is going
: to use that particular incident to explain the landing of a Forerunner
: artifact, like the MCPO Spartan 117 (MasterChief) recovered from the
: hunters in the Museum of Natural History. Like the other artifact, it
: contains the spacial coordinates for another of the Forerunner Halo
: Installations, and like the other installation, it has flood in
: containment cells, and possibly forerunners still alive and running the
: installation.

I also like this idea a lot, and im always open to new ones.
But I was thinking you were going to say that a covey ship landed or something in Siberia at that time. Cause the covey ships look like butterflies a bit (stretch your imagination, the whole symmetrical thing). Maybe it crashed and then entered slipspace. I dunno, my idea isn't complete and it doesn't have to be. Rampant speculation.

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