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slight correction
Posted By: SpeedyDate: 9/28/04 3:41 p.m.

In Response To: nah (hminn)

: The tunguska event is weighed down with lunatic crap. Not really a conundrum,
: seeing as it's a huge explosion everybody's heard about.

The tunguska event is very much a real occurence. It's been proven that it was caused by a meteor exploding above the ground as the frictional forces broke the estimated 100-yard rock apart. It's not hard to recreate the physics to prove all of this on a much smaller scaled, and having literally THOUSANDS of acres of flattened and burned forest kinda shows that something HUGE happened. (note, FLATTENED and burned, meaning there was a shockwave and as such it was not a wildfire.) Not to mention it changed the color of sunset for a few weeks in ENGLAND, thousands of miles away.

Just a small correction to the original post: the site was butterfly, not figure 8 shaped.

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