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Re: The Enkidu story as of today-tanx :)
Posted By: vshields ash <>Date: 5/4/04 2:47 a.m.

In Response To: The Enkidu story as of today (Red Loser)

: The Enkidu story revolves around the UNSC Lebanon ; its AI, Enkidu; and its
: encounter with Forerunner and Covenant artifacts just before the fall of
: Reach. Hopefully, this summary will give a chronological timeline of what
: has taken place so far.



: ii. Re: Amendment Request OPORD SENTRYWALK (Concerning events on 1 August
: 2552: 29 days before the fall of Reach)

: It appears that the Lebanon is involved in some sort of operation known as
: SENTRYWALK. Based on its mission (a patrol), it seems at present that
: SENTRYWALK is a patrol operation by UNSC ships, possibly to determine
: Covenant presence in the area surrounding Reach.

: Captain Mathers is apparently concerned because the Lebanon will not be
: escorted. His request for another ship to accompany him are denied; the
: UNSC does not want to delay SENTRYWALK, and it cannot spare another vessel
: for the operation.

: The nervousness and urgency surrounding SENTRYWALK may be due to the UNSC's
: awareness that Covenant ships are closing in on Reach.

: iii. General Quarters 08:10 08:18:2552 18 August 2552: 17 days since last
: event, 12 days before the fall of Reach

: While the Lebanon is patrolling a system with a single planet, Frigid. The
: system contains more than one sun, the primary being an M class.

: (Note: M is the dimmest, coolest variety of star; presumably the other
: star(s) is an M class as well. Another possibility is that this is a
: binary star system, with the secondary star being a white dwarf. This
: would explain the "light show" in (6), since such systems
: produce "novae"--very bright flashes of light as a result of
: matter being sucked out of the M star and accreting onto the white dwarf.
: However, Enkidu seemed to imply that it was the M star which was the
: source of the "light show"; also, it is doubtful that the planet
: Frigid, let alone the Lebanon , would be able to survive a nova. Note
: that most main-sequence stars, including M stars, are labeled
: "dwarfs," as in (3). Thus, it is more likely that this is a star
: system containing two M stars, one a good deal more massive than the
: other. I say two because binary star systems are very common, whereas
: three-star systems are rare.)

: According to (3), this system is very near Reach. The planet is probably
: rotating extremely slowly, since the sun never sets (7).

: A Covenant frigate in orbit of Frigid breaks off to attack the Lebanon.
: Though the Lebanon is the weaker ship, Captain Mathers is a man with a
: plan. It appears that Keyes is not the only UNSC captain with good
: maneuvering skills....

: The unknown recipient of the message is located in Cryobay B.


: 2. Packing and Unpacking 18 August 2552: 2 hours since last transmission,
: 12 days before the Fall of Reach

: Captain Mathers destroys the Covenant frigate but unknowningly leaves
: survivors. In addition, the Lebanon is severely damaged in the battle
: and must be abandoned. The only way to land the ship on Frigid is to
: slingshot around the primary sun; however, the Pelicans on board are able
: to reach Frigid before the Lebanon heads toward the sun. Captain Mathers
: and a skeleton crew remain on board the ship in order to refine its
: trajectory and make what repairs they can.

: It appears that the recipient of the message is probably in charge of the
: cryo bay, since he is receiving orders directly from Enkidu and he is in
: charge of the team which revives the crew in cryosleep. Enkidu orders him
: to evacuate on a Pelican as soon as he has finished unthawing the crew.

: Enkidu compacts himself for a hard transfer off ship.

: 3. Shore Left 18 August 2552: 3 hours since last transmission, 12 days
: before the fall of Reach

: The recipient is unable to reach the Pelicans in time because of a boarding
: action by Covenant survivors. Presumably the Covenant are defeated. The
: recipient is located in the Lebanon's hangar.

: The Pelican squadron enters orbit around Frigid. Surveys show a Covenant
: excavation on the surface. The squadron prepares to land at the site,
: though Enkidu has reservations about doing so--he is concerned that the
: Covenant will be able to find them easily.

: 4. Whether Forecast 21 August 2552: 3 days since last transmission, 9 days
: before the fall of Reach

: The Pelicans crash-land on the surface of Frigid. The crew are exploring the
: area around a blue-beam tower. The oxygen content in the planet's
: atmosphere is very low, but it is much higher around the tower. It is
: necessary to enter the tower in order to prevent more of the crew from
: suffocating; the door locks are broken, and the crew enters. Enkidu is
: interfaced with a terminal inside the structure.

: The message is received in the Lebanon's hangar.

: 1. please allow me to introduce myself 21 August 2552: 2 hours since last
: transmission, 9 days before the fall of Reach

: Make of it what you will. Presumably, Enkidu's contact with the Forerunner
: computer system has caused him to go rampant.

: The message is received in Cryobay B.

: 5. Blast From The Past 24 August 2552: 3 days since last transmission, 7
: days before the fall of Reach

: This is another difficult transmission. It is possible that Enkidu is
: speaking figuratively of humans trespassing on Forerunner ruins in general
: or the ruins on Frigid in particular. If the latter is the case, then this
: fits well with Enkidu's warning not to land near the structure and the
: future return of Covenant ships to the system.

: The reference to "sunbathing" indicates that the Lebanon is
: nearing the primary star. "Pleasant dreams" is probably not a
: reference to cryosleep, since the recipient has returned to the hangar.

: 6. It's A Cold Day Here In Hell... 27 August 2552: 3 days since last
: transmission, 4 days before the fall of Reach

: Enkidu seems to imply that the Flood are present in the facility:
: "You're never sure what's frozen in there."
: "My new neighbourhood isn't very friendly. A bit run down, and the
: people, well... I could tell tales."
: "Might be a vermin problem, though. The previous owners didn't clean out
: their cupboards very well. (Maybe they left in a hurry.) That's not a
: problem for me, [since AIs aren't affected by the Flood] but I don't
: recommend you drop in until I've had a chance to sweep up."
: "I've got some scrubbing to do."

: The star around which the Lebanon to
: have emitted some sort of burst of radiation or stellar material (perhaps
: a solar flare). The Lebanon survives with little damage sustained
: relative to how badly it was damaged in the battle (7).

: The recipient is located in the hangar again.

: 7. How I Spent Your Summer Vacation 7 September 2552: 11 days since last
: transmission, 7 days since the fall of Reach

: The Lebanon has returned from the sun and is aerobraking (see HTML source)
: over Frigid. This simply means that it is skipping in and out of the
: planet's atmosphere in order to slow down to speeds suitable for
: crash-landing. This explains Enkidu's comment: "What a pretty trail
: you left in the sky. Just like a falling star." The ship is low on
: power ("LOW-BATT" message).

: The reference to "no friends" may indicate that the Pelican
: squadron crew have all died (infected by the Flood?).

: The second, more sarcastic, reference to "friends" refers to the
: Covenant, which have arrived in the system. Only one ship is mentioned,
: the CCS Sword of Justice . In typical Covenant fashion, it sends a
: threatening, religious-tinged message to the Lebanon before attacking.

: The recipient is located in Lifeboat Bay C; he is preparing to abandon ship
: and land on Frigid.


: Whew!

: I'll update when next we hear from our friend Enkidu. I'm especially looking
: forward to part i for some more backstory.

: P.S. As you can see, I don't believe Durandal factors into this anywhere.
: There is simply no evidence that he is present.


i've been waiting, for someone to make sensee of the whole enkidu thingy :)

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