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Re: It happened a long time ago...
Posted By: Shishka <>Date: 9/23/03 12:51 p.m.

In Response To: It happened a long time ago... (Viscily II)

: In the video, Marcus Lehto says that they wanted to make it feel like a
: battle had occured 900,000 years ago. Maybe he means that literally.
: Perhaps the location portrayed in the illustration is actually in the game
: but what's happening in the illustration isn't what happens in the game,
: i.e. we just get to see the aftermath of whatever happened there 900,000
: years ago.

Listen to the way he says it. He's basically saying "Something bad happened here a really long time ago."

: By the way, who is Miranda/Muranda? Joseph Stalen earlier in the video says
: that there is a terrible scene that will live on in the lore of Bungie
: where Miranda/Muranda plants some explosives on MC's back and shoves him
: down a hole. Who the hell is Miranda/Muranda? It might actually be the
: chick that Jason Jones broke up with and this might have inspired him to
: create this scene. Afterall, Joe does say that Jason had been going
: through a difficult breakup at the time and that that might have inspired
: him. Its also obvious that Joe is reffering to the Miranda/Muranda scene.
: However, it is also interesting to note the terminology that Joe uses in
: this quote, particularly the "untold lore" part. Why would a
: scene that has relevence only to Jason and some of the bungie guys go into
: the "untold lore" of Bungie. Perhaps he means that the Bungie
: guys got a big kick out of it and that's it. We might be looking a little
: too much into this, but knowing Bungie, I sorta doubt it. Rarely do those
: guys say something so intriguing and mysterious without having a real good
: reason to. I personally found this little quote to be the most interesting
: part of the video, because of the possible ramifications it might have.

MANY things that have relevance only to the developers don't make it into the game. The "he was going through a breakup" was a joke to assist explaining why perhaps Jason had written this part about a character betraying Master Chief. It was an interview about a game, do you really think Joe would talk about Jason's personal life and how it effects the game? =P

As I was saying, I think you're looking into it a bit too much. "Untold Lore" simply means it's one of the interesting Bungie stories that's not publicly known.


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