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Time travel for Shishka
Posted By: Wado SG <>Date: 9/8/03 4:52 p.m.

In Response To: Re: A stupid theory (Shishka)

: I'll concede to that.

: I amend what I said: Time travel sucks ass and should not be used in any
: serious fasion, unless questionable sanity acts as a supporting device.

: -S

Hey Shishka, since I don't think you are a big reader of my fictional writings, I will attempt to give you a different version of time travel, maybe you will appreciate what I have to say.

The very first concept is to agree that time is used as a way to express change and movement. Everything from the movement of stellar bodies to the chemical reactions in our brain can be measured with time. However, time itself is not physical, it is a measure of other things. Time is an illusion.

If something were to exist outside of time, it too would have to be an illusion (not physical).

So imagine you enter a time machine and you had a viewer that let you see what was going on outside while you travel back in time. Like the rewinding of a home movie you would "see" your friends go from old men to boys and even see yourself return to the womb. Rusted things would become new, rain would fall upwards.

If you went back to a time before fire was discovered by man and looked around to see fierce beasts, you might yearn to go out and with your trusty elephant gun, get yourself a nice trophy to take back to the future. You will find, however, that your trusty rifle is not there, nor is your body. You are illusion, a phantom, a ghost. You have no physical body or means to affect the physical world. You exist outside of time.

Now this isn't your ordinary time machine, but one built by the ancients before they knew better. You have the means to affect the physical world using the machine. You summon up yourself to walk among the primatives. What you create is an exact duplicate of what you once were using matter gathered from around. You gasp in horror, though, when you realize you are NOT in the body, but still illusion. You have created a COPY of yourself that moves about the physical world.

Yes your copy can do things to change the future, but that matters not to you anymore because time has no meaning to you. You are but an illusion, trapped in the prison outside of time.

Time changes for those in the physical world, but for those cursed with time travel, they can do nothing but watch -- detached from all that exists. Soon everything will seem like an endless dream, nothing is real anymore.

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