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Whatever Lodurr - I've heard it from you before
Posted By: Nathan <>Date: 11/3/99 8:48 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Honestly ... (Lodurr)

> This being a forum, you shouldn't really expect newcomers to
> know what the all-too-tired-out 'issue' is here. Even if there

He's not a newcomer. He's posted here often.
You may be, but he's not.

> was a little disclaimer at the top, people either wouldn't read
> it, or would ignore it. Most of us can understand just how
> frustrated you get, but that's no reason to make huge posts like
> this one declaring, again, just how frustrated you are about
> these posts. All you have to do is not respond to them, or not
> even read them if they're in a thread you think is going
> nowhere. The fellow to whom you were referring wasn't saying
> anything about you, personally, or even anything about Bungie on
> a personal level. He was just telling the world what he'd do if
> Halo were his project, and it's his right to say it, as much as
> it is your right not to care about it. In fact, this post of
> yours is more personal than any of his were.

Just as it's a spammer right to send spam-mail? I think it's just an abuse of freedom-of-speech or as people say being a "lamer", and I don't mean anyone in particular - I mean the behavior. Obviously, you failed to read that part of the message. And I was only making the post to explain why I will probably be leaving this forum. Funny how this doesn't happen at any other forums? I wonder why that is. In the other forums, there are gamers having intelligent discussions about what might or might not be in games, not people telling developers how to develop their games. I just heard the developer of "Wheel of Time" explaining how the fans were writing screaming that he had to have a "crouch" key, when it was entirely ridiculous considering the game's style of gameplay.

I respect people's opinions, but I don't respect *8* - EIGHT - one-liners saying the same thing. All this - and not a ONE of you have been in the development room to see what's going on. You haven't seen 1/100th of Halo, and yet you want to tell the developer how to make the game. I don't mean the intelligent (by that, I don't mean grammar/spelling) suggestions; I mean things like EIGHT one-liners saying the same thing.

> This same fellow wasn't being at all rude. He wasn't supporting
> his points very well, his grammar left a lot to be desired, and
> he came close to 'cussing' once or twice, but at no time did he
> reduce himself to insults or make this a personal issue.

Well, I guess we define rudeness in a different way, which does not at all surprise me.

> I'm not going to defend every pro-1st person poster that shows
> his head. I just think it's his right to say whatever drivel he

2 for 2! :-)

> wants, and people shouldn't be surprised to see someone using
> that right.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the level these forums can drop to. Perhaps I've been spoiled on better groups and the fact that the Core has never degenerated into this, even with many of the same people posting there (again, this is NOT a shot at - I want that to be clear). But I felt that a lengthy explanation of why I may no longer be here was warranted - since some people have written to express concern about that.

I'm sure you could care less (or couldn't care less, or whatever). But others did - more than I could email at once, so the advance warning was warranted, in my opinion. Whether you think so or not doesn't play much of an element in my decision to post it.

I don't care how many first-person people you defend. The game will be a 3rd-person action game, with some details and specific situations and certain options still to be decided. It isn't changing if there's 1,000,000 one-liner posts crying the opposite or stating they won't buy the game. Sorry.


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