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HTML nitty-gritty
Posted By: Noctavis =PN= <>Date: 10/25/99 6:25 a.m.

In Response To: Re: I disagree (mad.max)

> Share the problems with you? I'll try and remember them. As for
> files or URLs I'm afraid I can't, for one thing I am on a
> University computer, not my own, and I never have put up one of
> the shitty pages. Sorry.

Hrm... You could E-mail them to me or something... or transfer them via ICQ. I'm really curious now. Maybe it's something basic.

Often when I end up banging my head against my monitor for a few days on a problem it turns out to be something I didn't know about or something elementary that I missed.

> As far as I can remember, IE had great problems with animated
> GIFs. I was creating a pretty simple GIF image, with about 30
> frames, looping, and IE didn't do the masks right, and so I had
> to od each frame exactly.

Hrm... I don't use AGIFs extremely often, simply because they tend to annoy a lot of people, but I've never had that problem.

What AGIF editor were you using? I tend to use the ones by Microsoft, Ulead and MicroGrafx (built into Picture Publisher)

> Um. Text flow into the graphics, you know, where you have a
> graphic on the page with text supposed to flow nicely around
> (what's the tag, I can't remember), but the last couple of lines
> of text always used to collide with the image. Let me try a
> dodgy ASCII picture...

Hrm... I can't really tell what the problem was without dissecting the code. HSPACE, VSPACE and other IMG tag attributes should be sufficient to prevent problems with image/text interaction in most cases

> Tables didn't always work, when using the <nomargin> tag
> (although that MIGHT not be W3C, I'm not sure. In which case,
> feel free to kill me). It always used to have a margin on the
> right hand side of the page, even with 100% all over the place.


I've never heard of it.... There may be some funky CSS stuff with such a name, though. It's not like I have unlimited knowledge on this, anyway. I'll have to find out about this tag.

I did a quick search and didn't come up with much of anything, really.

> Nope. I don't tend to use layers, until more recently (doing
> stuff with JavaScript and GoLive 4)

Aye.... I tend to prefer HoTMetaL Pro 5. I am a very visual person, and like to see what I'm working on while I build it, but it offers three different views: WYSIWYG, text (handy for me to geet elbows-deep into some of the stuff I'm coding), and a hybrid tags view (my favorite)

> Hmmmm. I really can't say I've ever seen any table problems with
> NS. Maybe it's cause I define my cells very well (I use GoLive
> and then tidy it up with BBEdit). If you can point me at an
> example, I'll head on over.

Aye... that helps. But when you start heavily nesting tables or trying to get some things to resize for different users, it gets more complicated.

> Ah. I always define my cells really well (percentages or pixels
> for all of them). And yes, I have actually noticed that
> sometimes they disappear if you don't define them well. Heights
> suck (in general though, on IE and NS)

True. Neither one supports the Height attribute really well. That sucks. Thank goodness that it's usually not quite so critical as the width attribute, but they shouldn't get any reprieve for their stupidity.

"They" being the ones who program the browsers.

> Hmmm. We must read different books, because I can safely say
> that all the books I read say that NS holds better :-) I do
> think though that ALL browsers should be FORCED to conform to
> ALL standards, and creating new tags should have to be approved
> through the W3C, and added to the next update of the HTML
> Language.

Actually... maybe we should just dump both browsers and have the W3C generate their own. ;-)

> Really? I didn't know that. For some reason I thought JavaScript
> had been invented by Sun? Dunno where the hell that came from
> :-)

No... Java had been created by Sun. Netscape licensed the use of the name "Java" for JavaScript, which has some similities in its structuring, but which is a different language.

Microsoft calls their own version of JavaScript "J-Script" since they have to buy or duplicate everything, then parade it about as if it came from them.

> No, it will support everything apparently. Right now it doesn't
> (I think the latest is iCab 1.7 and there are quite a view
> things missing, like Java support.

Ah well... iCab won't do my PC any good. ;-)

I do hear that it is rather tight and efficiently coded.

> I'm sorry if my words came over wrong, I am not saying which of
> NetScape and Microsoft I prefer, but I do think that they might
> have some bias over platforms, and that programs may render and
> operate differently on different platforms.

Oh certainly... A mac user should definitely be suspicious of IE. Who really trusts Microsoft anymore?

> I just realised who I was talking to as well. How's HaloNews
> coming along? Any more big scoops coming our way?

Heh... it would take a hell of a lot to top that interview. I do most of my posting at the Core.

The most recent thing was uploading that fat 56Meg Halo movie (the one with the marines shooting) for download, just before Bungie changed and posted up some Quicktime movies, and discussing the new information from the Computer Gaming World preview.

The HaloNews design is on hold while I polish off the Pax Nimbus website, and while our server is in transit to its new location where a friend of mine has just gotten a new job.

I guess I'd better get my kiester in gear and try to finish that stuff off as soon as I can. It's funny... I'm so full of ideas and such, so I had to read and research on how to accomplish some of the things I would like, and then have to spend quite some time getting it to work in various browsers, platfoms, screen sizes, etc. Maybe I have too many ideas for my own good.

Heh... at least my wife puts up with my hobby much better than she used to. ;-)


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