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Browser war! *throws his mouse at DS's head*
Posted By: Noctavis =PN= <>Date: 10/24/99 3:30 a.m.

In Response To: IE!?! (Daft Shadow =PN=)

> IE!! Ok, I am genuinely curious. What do people like about IE
> that brings you to use it? This is not an arguing thread, I just
> want peoples OPINION here. So no quoting scripture, well
> scriptures ok, but now posting any comparason webpages ;-).
> Personally, I find Netscape better for a few reasons. If yo guys
> wanna know, I'll list em.

> Oh, they made mine alright. Now someones gonna payy ;-)
> Daft Shadow =PN=

Seriously, though... where shall I start?

Almost anyone who has done serious web design has probably labored under the oppressive stupidity of the chronically-broken Netscape browser.

For one thing, it can't render tables properly. In NS3 you could even CRASH the browser by using certain table configurations. I had to use freakin' JS in order to get some things to work properly for the =PN= website I'm doing. This shouldn't happen. It also does something stupid with table backgrounds... if you lay one table on top of another, then it repeats the table background again and again and again (giving you a "fly's view" of the internet) unless you specify no background.

For another, it has real difficulty with a refresh/reload attempt. (I don't yet know if they fixed that for the newest release)

IE, in comparison, renders things in an "intuitive" manner... meaning that it is consistent and you can anticipate how things will look rather easily. It is also much more intelligent and will adjust to various configurations (and even misconfigurations) of HTML.

As a general rule of thumb, if it'll work for NS, it'll work for IE, so I test my work in NS quite a bit.

IE also conforms to the standards set by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) much better. NS implements a broken document object model and very poor CSS support.

The only drawback to IE is the security holes that have been found (I won't call them bugs)... but I keep ActiveX turned off and use other methods to protect myself.

You can also configure IE much more... the only thing is that you can't set up multiple profiles of preferences for different people as you can in NS.

In short.. IE can do almost everything (except for a few nonstandard tags and other frills) that NS can do, and do it better.

I'd love to kick both Mozilla/NS and Microsoft in the gut and tell them to get their acts together... if only Mozilla/NS would implement VBScript support and IE tuned up JScript to accept Netscape's JavaScripting code without a hitch.

Sheesh... we should have had absolute positioning, font support and vector graphics five years ago or more!


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