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No hard feelings ... really
Posted By: Nathan <>Date: 10/15/99 7:36 a.m.

In Response To: Re: in response to Michael and Ben (Michael Eilers)

> Natah, I'm pretty shocked at the intensity of your response. I

Natah? Who's that? :-)

Michael, no hard feelings. This is why the intensity: Race and such things are very, VERY sensitive issues, especially in the United States, where I live. I cannot and will not speak for Bungie as far as how we as a company define "race". It's not only highly inappropriate for me to do so, but leads to such things as your news article, even if it was in jest.

And it's not like I haven't taken biology. :-) Believe me, I know what the debates are, and how many different meanings there are for race.

None of this was meant as a personal attack ... I just don't believe it is important in any way (the semantics argument) to the gameplay of Halo. I participate in these forums to speak of gameplay when I can and just to communicate with our really cool fans. :)

> was just pointing out a simple fact, not questioning the entire

While accusing me of not understanding high school biology. :-)

> underpinnings of the Halo/Marathon storylines. In fact, the
> conflation of race and species is really common in science
> fiction in general; even Larry Niven has made that 'mistake'

Because there are several different sociological and biological definitions of "race", I don't think there is "wrong" and "right" or "mistakes" - this is where I felt YOUR mistake was made, and why I would have preferred not to see a news article about it.

> several times in short stories and books. And unless your humor
> detector has been totally disabled, I posted this in IMG news
> because I think it is funny! I sure hope you don't respond to

No more humor for me. ;) It may be funny, but there are lots of people out there who can be offended by such issues. That is the last thing I intended, and I just didn't want anyone to take it that way. It's a pretty touchy subject.

Believe me, if anyone has a sense of humor ... ;)

> all criticism this way, you guys should have tougher hides by
> now!

It didn't have to with tough hides. I've seen 100 things better on this forum for a news story ... actually, I would say it was my criticism of your journalism. :-)

I'll check my hide and make sure it gets back to its appropriate thickness however. ;)

> a big deal. And if you need reminding, I am in the *business* of
> semantics :-)

There's semantics, and there's useless or counterproductive semantics. :-)

> the game! We want to see something cool at MWNY...

Anyway, let's just let it drop here. :) You'll be seeing plenty cool in the near and long-term future; no worries. ;)



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                                                                             Like W'rkncacnter? ; ) NTDesio 10/14/99 6:54 p.m.
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