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Ok, ok, good lord calm down...
Posted By: Ben <>Date: 10/14/99 12:53 p.m.

In Response To: in response to Michael and Ben (Nathan)

> But none of this was the point. For pete's sake, it's 4th-grade
> biology, not high school biology, and I'll gladly put my grade
> school, high school and college biology grades on par with
> anyone.

> The point was that we were arguing about SEMANTICS that really
> had nothing to do with the gameplay. I am talking about a game,
> not biology. In some cases, the best word to fit a situation
> might not be the most accurate word. The point is that you guys
> had taken something we said and twisted it incorrectly based on
> semantics. This is not the same as me saying what "we mean
> by race". I am not HERE to discuss the scientific debate of
> race being a subset of species (which is a debate, sorry guys,
> URLs in private email if this has to go any further), I'm not
> here to discuss the war in Kosovo.

> I only wanted to state that the Covenant are made up of a
> consortium of WHATEVER WORD YOU WANT TO USE to indicate that
> they don't all look the same and that they're not limited to
> three. That's ALL. I think it is unfortunate that someone felt
> the need to stir up an article out of it, but that is their
> right.

> Here is the Cambridge definition:

> a group, esp. of people, with particular similar physical
> characteristics, who are considered as belonging to the same
> type, or the fact of belonging to such a group


> Race is sometimes used to mean a group of people whO share the
> same language, history, characteristics, etc..


> The French race is/are sometimes said to have a strong interest
> in food. [C + sing/pl v]

> The French race? Yes, that sentence came from the Cambridge
> dictionary.

> Sorry, but this doesn't fit your definition. And none of the
> definitions mention race being a synonym for
> "sub-species". Race is a human construct, not a
> biological one - IN MY OPINION. And, no, this particular college
> textbook does NOT list 'race' under species as biological
> classification, although it mentions the debate.

> So please ... if we are going to discuss it further, let's take
> it to email. This isn't why I'm on the board and I can hear
> others saying now ... "This is why we don't post on
> forums." And Michael, I don't mean this to be offensive,
> but I am kind of disappointed that you found this news-worthy as
> far as Halo goes. I really don't think it has much to do with
> the game, but is rather a sociological or biological debate.

> Or at best, even if you guys insist, an accepted biological
> fact. Either way, this will be my last response unless you
> prefer private email, since this doesn't have much to do with
> Bungie or Halo. :-)

> Thanks,

> Nathan

*whew* I wasn't expecting that, jeez... I was mearly stating that Michaels definition was what I thought of when I heard the word race. Aperently Im wrong, but woa!, I didn't really mean to make a big scene of anything here... I was just stating what I thought the word race meant, and saying that I was glad you guys had clarified what you meant by race. If I made this mistake, maybe others have too, because aperently race is quite the arguable word... Well, Im glad I know how you are using the word, thats all I was really asking in the first place. I wasn't saying "oh, your wrong" I was just saying how I interpreded the word, sorry about the confusion... and I'm glad I now know what you mean by the word.

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