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Re: who said phfor??
Posted By: Ben Schodek <>Date: 10/13/99 2:14 p.m.

In Response To: Re: who said phfor?? (Jägermeister)

> Now, this is the kind of post that is just like the Platform War
> and Perspective Issue arguements...You will absolutely
> "kill" bungie? What do you mean? Is that like saying,
> if bungie DID advertise a really cool game, and got everyone,
> including you, hyped about it, then said it had the pfhor, or
> other Marathon characters, or it was a Marathon 4, then you
> would refuse to buy it? I doubt they're afraid of threats like
> that. Who are you to tell them what the plot is behind and with
> THEIR game's story?

> Sorry if this comes off as a flame or anything, but I'm really
> getting tired of people saying, "Bungie will never continue
> the Marathon series," or, "Marathon is old, and it
> sucks in all ways compared to most games made today." And
> then they act like they know stuff about the game. I'm sorry,
> but if you were REALLY a Marathon expert, then you would have to
> be a fan, so you would probably still like the game, even more
> so than yours truly. Marathon is, and forever will be, a JEWEL
> in bungie's crown, quite possibly the BRIGHTEST jewel!

> (: Jägermeister :)

Im sorry if I have a different opinion than you, but please, don't talk about marathon as if it being the greatest game in the whole wide world is a fact.

As for a "real expert" being able to spell pfhor correctly, I could really care less about spelling. Anyways, that word is just asking to be misspelled if you ask me. I may not be an "expert" but I most certainly HAVE bin playing marathon for quite a few years, and counting. I never ever at all stated that I did not like marathon. All I was saying was that I hope that they didn't make halo marathon 4. My point is, if they are making marathon 4, they should call it marathon 4, or atleast label it as being a direct sequel to marathon, and not putting it under the guize of the name "halo". As for me killing bungie, do you think I ment that? Sarcasm everyone, sarcasm. It was my way of wording that I would feel misslead or frusterated if they made it marathon 4. I most deffinently do think that halo should have allot of direct connections to the marathon story, but I think in my opinion thats about as far as the connections should go. <--(IMO, not fact, just IMO) If bungie is making halo marathon 4, they should tell us this, and then it would be fine by me; I would feel frusterated though if the halo being marathon 4 was sprung on me at the last instant when the game was released. Guys, chill out, I was just stating my opinion. Its not as if I am expecting bungie to do what I say, I was just stating some thoughts/complaints/concerns that I had.

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                                                                             Like W'rkncacnter? ; ) NTDesio 10/14/99 6:54 p.m.
                                                                             Or "Misspell"Two B King 10/15/99 10:09 a.m.
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                                                           I'm saying "Crowning Glory".Dispatcher 10/13/99 9:56 p.m.
                                               BTW, it's PFHOR, not PHFOR! NTJägermeister 10/13/99 12:49 p.m.
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                 AyeNoctavis the Insomniac 10/11/99 1:39 a.m.

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