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Re: How's it going Matt???? RSVP
Posted By: Gierke (aka ElectricSheep) <>Date: 2/23/00 11:41 a.m.

In Response To: Re: How's it going Matt???? RSVP (Matt)

> I don't blame anyone for being curious. But there's a difference
> between desiring more info and demanding it. ;-)

I visit this forum quite often really, but I don't always choose
to make my presence known. Being a personality type 5 (with a
strong 6 wing, and a bit of a 4 wing, too) I just like to sit back
and watch things develop.

> No one ever said all the fundamental, difficult stuff has been
> put to rest. No one from Bungie, anyway. The fact that it's not
> necessarily all done right now does not mean it will never be
> done. Skepticism is admirable in this age of extraordinary
> gullibility, but doubting the very existence of Halo is a bit
> much.

> We have this situation with Halo where _everyone_ is watching
> us, and there are those who are eagerly waiting for us to make
> some misstep so they can be the first to criticize it. Because
> we are conscious of that (and also because the corporate
> marketing focus is currently on Oni) we're not to show off some
> features until we're totally comfortable doing so. If I keep my
> mouth shut about certain things it's generally for a good
> reason, though that reason might not be apparent to someone who
> doesn't work here.

> But hey, in the spirit of greasing the squeaky wheel, here are
> some tidbits for everyone to squeak about.

> - What has two triggers and belches flame? Bonus points if you
> can guess what the second trigger does. Speculation on public
> forums is, as always, encouraged.

Hmm...belching flame....sounds like our familiar aresol-based
napalm unit. Second trigger, tho? I can't even begin to fathom
what the creative minds at Bungie have come up as an aternate
fire that would be worthy of the second trigger. Perhaps it
justs sprays the aresol without actually igniting it...I can
imagine the tactical benefits of keeping sensitive areas bathed
in highly combustable fluids at all times. One spark and FOOM!
Or maybe it shoots geled napalm <evil grin> rather than aresol
form. The possibilities for carnage when you can stick lumps of
flammable jelly to your enemy are limitless.

> - Beware of wall-hugging hippos. No, this is not a joke. Nor
> does it necessarily mean what you think it means.

The first thing that comes to my mind is the damned exploding
ticks that wondered the dark corridors of "Colony Ship For Sale"
Constantly hugging the floors they managed to stay just out of
my line of fire....truly a pain. Oh, and by the way, does
*anything* really mean what we think it means...?

> - Cortana sure has been quiet lately. I wonder if that means
> anything.

No doubt plotting the horrible destruction of all of us. Being
trapped in an antiquated network with a non-sentient construct
who keeps making references to your mom can take quite a toll over
time...even for a meta-stable AI.

> - What will be in the E3 build, and will it be playable? No one
> knows yet, but when I do I'll let the forums know. We'll
> probably have some impressive downloadable goodies in the same
> timeframe for those of you who can't attend. (Figured I should
> toss in a straightforward one to keep you on your toes.)

Depends on what you mean by 'playable'. I can 'play' with just
about anything, really. Whether or not my form of 'play' is in
accordance with what was intended by the developer is another
issue entirely.

> - There will be a lot of surprises in Halo, but the old-school
> Bungie fans will perhaps be the most pleasantly surprised of
> all. I wish I could be around to see your faces the first time
> you see... well, you'll see.

I wonder if the UESC or UEG or any other earth-governemnt referred
to by Marathon is still around. I always did wonder what may have
become of Mars after it was basically abandoned by Earth. But, that
is a history that is best left to our imaginations.

> -Matt

Oh yeah, was it you who made that obscure comment about a possible
tie between Mararthon and Myth having something to do with the
Gread Devoid? Is this really serious, or were you just teasing
Hamish. To be perfectly honest, I have given it some thought, but I
fail to see any signifigant connections (should any exist, of course).

Anyway, I look forward to adding Oni and Halo to my growing collection
of games which bear the Bungie logo (I've got them all so far!).


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