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some thoughts on tic-tac-toe

Posted By: Interactive Civilian <tadpole_005@yahoo.com>
Date: 5 June 2001, 14:53

Some thoughts on Tic-Tac-Toe:

There are eight numbers around the edge of each glyph. There are only 8 "win" situations in tic-tac-toe (3 vertical, 3 horizontal, and two diagonal). The ninth situation is of course, the no-win situation, however, that can come about many ways as well.

Also, in tic-tac-toe, there are eight grid spaces surrounding the center ninth. Much like the glyphs.

Of course, one the easiest ways to win a game of tic-tac-toe, is to NOT use the center square (if you can get 3 of the 4 corners without the opponent getting in the way, then you can trap them...e.g. me: lower left corner, op: lower right corner, me: upper right corner, op: center (to block), me:upper left corner, game is as good as over.) Of course, skilled players rarely fall for this trap...which leads to this...

Skilled players facing each other can neither win nor lose tic-tac-toe, so the only solution is "not to play." (War Games).

Hrm...three games at once? A 3x3x3 cube? my math may be wrong, but I think there are 76 ways to win tic-tac-toe in a cube...8wins times 9 potential planes, plus 4 diagonals.

I doubt this info means anything, but here it is...

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