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From Roman Numerals to DNA Computing

Posted By: Mumbles
Date: 3 June 2001, 12:45

I started looking at the glyphs as a whole. Not focusing on one but looking for a pattern throughout. Well, after a few minutes I got bored so my theory is only half proven.

Take a look at the first and last dial symbol. They're both ancient forms of "computing". Roman and Mayan.
The second and sixth dials are more recent. You've got the arabic number and quadrant graph.
The third and fifth dials have me a little confused unfortunately. I'm thinking they have something to do with vectors or something.
Now the fourth glyph contains a bit of DNA code. I don't know if everyone knows this but DNA computing has been the "thing" to research this past decade. Using methods I'm not entirely familiar with DNA Computing is several times faster and more efficient than the binary stuff we use now. So maybe someone with more knowledge and time can study this further?

As you can see there's a pattern of sorts that either advances from both ends towards the middle DNA dial or begins from the middle dial and advances outwards.

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