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A New thought on all this

Posted By: Dorram <kfitzpat_1@hotmail.com>
Date: 1 June 2001, 18:59

I just noticed that on the main page, right below the 7 clocks is this=

"bs | pimps at sea | halo | oni | phoenix | ? | marathon | myth | pathways"

You can go to another page from there except the question mark. Has that question mark always been there? If not did it show up around the same time the clocks did? If we solve the puzzle will it be replaced by the prize?

Also, by looking the above links and the clocks together I see something that might be a mention. If you take away the "bs | pimps at sea |" you get seven possible links. From what I gathered "Pathways" (never played it) was set in a temple of some sort. Maybe Mayan even? Well the Mayan clock is at the end of the list just like the "Pathways" link is.
The 5th clock looks like some symbol you might see in "Marathon" when interfacing a panel to talk to the AI's or such. And 5th in line is the link to "Marathon".
What if each clock syncs up with each link? Sort of a hint to what each clock is based off of. The 3rd or middle link syncs up with the question mark. Maybe the riddle about buildings and three doors will help us out with this angle. I'm not sure. What do you guys see with this angle. Anything?


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