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On-site reg?

Posted By: Kent Keltner <kkeltner@askpris.com>
Date: 10 January 2001, 17:49

Hey there...

So back in the Summer... after a long time and working on other stuff and being a long time Bungie fan
(who actually bought that really bad port of Marathon II for the PC when it was released for full price, as
well as Myth and Myth 2 the weeks of their release), I was sad to discover that I just missed the last
get together in the bay area by about 2 weeks.

I was just poking around the net looking at Myth 3 shots and discovered today about the get together in
SF. I definately don't want to miss this. ^_^ I don't want to bring up my machine in all this rain, though.
Hmm, maybe if it tapers off by Friday... Anyway... I assume there'll be reg at the door so I'll drive up after
work. Is there anything special to bring/that I should know? ^_^ I really loved the Myth series and look
forward to attending.

BTW, I know this is off topic, but I thought I should mention it. The reason I installed Myth 2 again on my
machine and found out about the event was I had played a PC game that another Myth fan had recommended
to me. It's like a futuristic version of Myth, and the multiplayer is really cool too. I've been talking to friends
and some people I met at Apple to possibly get the ball rolling to see a Mac version of this game. It's called "Ground
Control" (for those who want to check it out) by Sierra/Massive Entertainment and it runs great under Win2k too.
(with the latest patch)

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