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Posted By: vector40 <vector40@aol.com>
Date: 19 June 2001, 15:16

I think we need to kind of sort ourselves out, see what's what... So many different ideas have been drifting through here recently that it's getting insane...
Okay. I'm making three lists. There's no way I can compile this all in my head, so you guys have to reply with what you can think of... everything that you have mentioned before, basically, that is more than a idle thought.

1. General beliefs of the basis of the puzzle (i.e. "we use the numbers around in conjunction somehow with those from other glyphs", "we're only on the first part of three pieces", "we still need the original symbols to solve this", etc.) Submit what you've got.

2. Techniques for getting a number or letter from the data we have. This is the biggie, that's been flooding the board for the past coupla days- there's a quadrillion of them sitting everywhere, and only a few have been proven wrong (proven, of course, being a relative word in this puzzle). That leaves a quadrillion minus handful that could be the answer, somehow or another. Many seem to be overly complex, but they could still have something. Also here, the answers (in the form of numbers or letters, usually) that resulted from the use of these. I know you've got plenty of pet theories burning holes in your pocket Send what you've got.

3. Ideas regarding Chelsea's clues. The thought seems to have been, contrary to earlier suppositions, that the clues ARE needed, or at least relevant (which seems likely) to the solving. A lot of things, mostly results from random Google searches with really really weird coincidences at the end, have come up. Mention them.

Okay, the point of this is to focus the brainstorming that's been going on, and give a single place that you can constantly refer to for inspiration- more so than Hippieman's site and similar places, which just can't be updated fast enough to keep up, not with hundreds of posts a day. Here, if you think an idea needs thought, just post it.

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