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Digging around

Posted By: Ronin <envynews@hotmail.com>
Date: 19 June 2001, 14:37

This stuff is probably irrelevant, but if it helps us to jog memories, all the better.

I dug around on my PC (yeah, yeah, I have a G4 too) using 'TRACERT' (Traceroute) commands. arrival.bungie.org is IP - going there in an FTP program such as Fetch on the Mac or WS_FTP on the PC lists an Uploads folder and an Orphanage folder. The Orphanage folder lists a series of folders and some quicktime movies of what appears to be a Marathon 'mod' called 'Project Orphanage' (?). New to me, but probably old news to you.

Going to '' in a browser leads to a page with 'Small Bits - Bringing you the world one grain at a time' and a graphic. No links, nothing. I did an Infoseek search for 'Small bits' and then 'Smallbits'. The latter reveals that smallbits is lingo or code used in Cypher and cryptology of 'greater than 1000' Prime numbers. Throughout the examples on the page, 'uint32' is referred to. A search of 'uint32' reveals that it's a library interface for 32-bit integers. Okay, so smallbits is also the DSSO for arrival.bungie.org, which is 'ns1.smallbits.com'.

bungie.org is IP, and www.bungie.org is IP Going to those IPs in a browser leads to non-descript stuff and buried directories can't be viewed.

I admit, this is pretty nit picky crap, and probably utterly irrelevant, but if it's web-based, I usually try to hack thru it in source lookups and then try to 'hack' into it.


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