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a few ideas on truth and beauty

Posted By: lewis
Date: 19 June 2001, 03:00

stream of consciousness, please don't take it all too seriously

they are kind of the opposite of fear and loathing...not really
The ppl dream of-flying, or perhaps meant as goal (freedom or whatever)
2 become 2 more=4 either 2+2 or 2 squared (also 4 calling birds)
the citadel is beyond the shore, floating, sunken possibly a lighthouse?
who is the they that finds their locus?...truth and beauty? birds? hands? us?
buried--hidden? shifted--geometric term, moved
sand-relation to shore, sands of time, moveable

kind of physical representation
we've got a citadel in the water/ocean (possibly made of marble and stone) with (4?) clocks, and the end of the story, possibly a marble and stone statue...hidden....behind a rusty anti cyclone....is there anything remotely similar to that in reality, or in marathon or something

locus can mean the curve that represents an algebraic equation, if this is true, shift would be movement horizontally or vertically, buried perhaps area beneath, or maybe buried means downward shift specifically, so "shift" is only along the x axis. if we are looking for an equation shift is the m or b in the equation like y=mx+b

on the 2001 subject, what was the monolith made of (marble and stone)? What is underneath the red spot in either 2001 or reality made of marble? perhaps like in 2001 the end of the story is only the beginning.

some of the flow is uncertain...are birds etc the things of which some dream...is the locus tattered or is the end of the story? are the things of which some dream the subject of this poem, or the birds and hands, who is the "they" and "some"? also how much of this poem is relevant and how much only serves to rhyme?

conclusion: i think 4 is important, the red spot is, the locus might be warm, and that someone has to find out why everything's in a citadel in the ocean!

thanks for your time, (truly)

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