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A workable process? Thoughts?

Posted By: Mav <web_tester226@yahoo.com>
Date: 18 June 2001, 21:17

Since I don't exactly have the energy to ROT-n or manipulate the letters or anything, I'll just put out my thought process here in the hopes that someone will pick it up and make something out of it.

I did the following thing yesterday: I converted the ARRIVAL letters into their alphanumeric equivalents. A = 1, R = 18, I = 9, V = 22, L = 10. I then made the top number of the dial starting position #1 just for fun and KISS' sake : P. So...I moved "one space" around the dial for dial #1. Though since I made the top position space #1, I didn't move around much : P. That left me at 37.

I moved around Dial #2 18 times, making the top number move #1, ending up at 48.

I made 2 letters out of Dial #1: K (37 in alphanumeric if you wrap around) and J (37 = 3+7=10). I coulda made 10 = 1+0 = 1 or A, but under KISS I didn't reduce further.

For Dial #2, I got V (48 in alphanumeric, wrapping around) and L (48 = 4+8=12). I could have reduced to C, but chose not to, mb subconsciously because of KISS : P (12 = 1+2 = 3 = C).

From moving around the dials clockwise x spaces depending on the alphanumerical value of the letters (going all the way around back to the top number once I counted as 9 spaces, twice as 17, etc.), I got:

kj, vl, vd, xe, yg, ja, lb. If you take raw number sets (e.g. 37) and reduced once (37 = 3+7 = 10), you get a second set of letters if you convert the numbers into alphanumeric.

So, I got (I might not have done this completely right):


Feel free to ROT-n that if you like ; P.

No combination of the two works on the arrival terminal thingy, as I guessed. But maybe I'm not going about this the right way. Maybe I _should_ reduce further. Maybe I should rotate counterclockwise instead of clockwise (in light of the "anticyclone" hint from Chelsea today). Maybe I should count the top number of each dial as a move #0 instead of move #1. Maybe I'm not even on the right track. But I did hear today of Chelsea saying we can make 2 more from 2. Making 2 letters from 2 numbers (eg 3 and 7, or 37 combined), _does_ make some sense. It's also plenty simple enough. And all of the numbers I ended up with using the ARRIVAL clockwise rotation system to point to a number (Dial #1 = 37, Dial # 2 = 48) were 2-digit numbers. So who knows : P.

Thoughts? I'd be happy to explain further if anyone actually wants to hear what I have to say ; ).

Oh, and apologies if someone already posted this process. I don't catch up much with the new mesgs anymore : P.


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