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Creation Betas Available

Posted By: Ares™ <ares@bungie.net>
Date: 18 August 2000, 23:58

Two Creation beta maps are available on the web for download. I get 60k/sec on my DSL from the site. When SiliconDream gets there, he will tell you guys the addy, but we don't want TOO many leaks, so please don't give the addy out when you discover it. For those of you not going, you will get to play the maps in time.

We will be showcasing two beta maps, both of them solos. One of them is Homeland II, final except for artwork. The other is the first level of Bushido's solo campaign. This is also final except for story, narration, and artwork.

The Bushido solo campaign features the first unit that can pick up and use anything on the battlefield with realism. For example, if he kills a bowman with his sword, he can pick up the bow and shoot arrows (and yes, all his animations are swapped in-game when you pick up the bow, to show him carrying it and fighting with it.) You gotta check it out.

Homeland II is simply a great solo map with new units. Let SD show you how to beat the first part if you get stuck - It takes a bit to figure out. In the final version, a film will be included.

Also, on the page that SD will tell you about, I give a tiny peek at our newest project, The Seventh God. I can't do anything more than tell you the general concept and show you a logo, but I hope that suffices until we launch the promo site.

Have fun guys


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