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Generally confused thoughts

Posted By: Mav <web_tester226@yahoo.com>
Date: 17 June 2001, 20:55

Wow...seems to me at this point that the first phase of this puzzle was the easy part. Login/password screens to which I know neither are endlessly irritating. Though frustrated, I'm also strangely happy that no one's been able to figure out the right sequence of letters by guessing. It'd spoil all the fun : ).

Right now, I'm looking at those numbers, but not making any headway whatsoever. Still trying to figure out which numbers should stay, which should go, and which should be included in each dial. Not even sure which way the clock ticks, if that's relevant. Perhaps each dial has a particular pattern to which some numbers of the set pertain and some don't. Assuming we figure that out, though, what numbers do we then include within the set to resolve into the right letters? And how do we go from numbers to letters this time?

Probably the thing that puzzles me most right now is how we get two sets of letters from the 7 dials. That likely means that we'll end up with 2 or more letters for each dial. Hmm. I'm fairly certain the first steps to decoding the login and password don't involve hyperadvanced knowledge, but it's hard to see a pattern...


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