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A pattern (sort of)

Posted By: Paradigm <eb@rochester.rr.com>
Date: 16 June 2001, 22:35

Using the clue that the clock ticks strangly, I did a simple connect the dots to see if there was a pattern. The is a kind of pattern, that of corse falls down on G6. If you draw lins from each number to the next in sequence, for 5 of the glyphs you get one line the bisects the center, one glyph the gets two bisecting lines, one on glyph with three. (Three again?)

The matching numbers are:

G1: 19-20
G2: 13-25 & 48-67
G3: 22-29
G4: 50-113
G5: 0-2
G6: 10-14 & 15-20 & 66-80
G7: 11-18

G4 is also represented by the letter "I" with happens to point to 50 & 113.

With this theory, there is no reason the put two 15's in G6

If you do a cyclic alphebet, 113 lands at the letter "I" (if I did my math right.)

These are just random thoughts.

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