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In terms of balls, I must defer to my collegue...

Posted By: Forensic
Date: 12 August 2000, 15:40

...Mark Levin, who is actually the one who climbed the statue.

Some background to this mpeg:

Wednesday night, the second day of the convention, and a bunch of us are out on Broadway. We were sticking Oni stickers on everything, but we didn't really get the definitive one. So we're all tired, and we're like "Ok, one more, then we'll go home." I don't exactly know how Mark decided to climb the statue, I just remember him grabbing the sticker and hoisting himself up. He almost fell off when he startled a pigeon.

So Thursday morning, me and Ernesto have some time to kill before meeting the others at the convention, so he suggests heading out to see if the sticker is still there. Lo and behold, it is. That's 12 straight hours of Bungie propaganda, baby.

We saw some workers cleaning another statue while we were there, and we suspect that Konoko came down soon after.

The music is from The Big Lebowski

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