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Simple Examination

Posted By: Ace <Rebelcmg1@aol.com>
Date: 16 June 2001, 13:01

Greetings all. Ace Battlepilot here. I am new to these boards, but the other day, i came across this puzzle and it immediately took my interest. I am interested in joining in the search for the answer, but i am not interested in reading months of posts, so please help me out with this idea of mine. It is relatively simple so i have assumed it has been considered. Just tell me what you've found because i am interested in pursuing it.


7 steps down = 7 glyphs. however, down can be used in the form of being done. IE: 3 down, two to go, which makes me think that, considering that the 7 glyphs are "down" we dont need them for this.

Building = bungie.org. this is the site we should look at.

3 rooms = there must be three specific links (areas) that we must look at in bungie.org

3 keys = each of these areas must contain one of three pieces of this puzzle. Forget that there are two codes we need for now. I think that the secret is divided into three parts. put these parts together and we have our codes, or we have the place we need to look for these codes.

As for the one lock. that is, of course, ARRIVAL.

Let me know so i can tally up what we have on this so far and what we have yet to get.


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