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Birds fall from the sky...

Posted By: mnemesis <tvansinden@earthtech.com>
Date: 15 June 2001, 16:43

Check this out. It's a review of a book called Leaving Tabasco by Carmen Boullosa.

"The village of Agustini, where the feisty Delmira Ulloa is reared by her mother and grandmother in an all-female household, is a place where bewitching things happen to a colorful cast of characters. Birds fall from the sky. Grandmothers float above beds. Housekeepers bloom with stigmata.

Told in a five-page chapter, the narrative of the day the birds started to fall from the sky all over town - "one and all came tumbling, beakfirst to the ground" - should be a study piece for scholars of magical realism. "

Also found were a lot of UFO references and "unexplained" mysteries.


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