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Posted By: Deranger <chris@boursnell.demon.co.uk>
Date: 14 June 2001, 17:42


There are 56 numbers around the glyphs. People before have worried about the zeros. I think the zeros and maybe other parts of numbers might be nulls ie not needed. If you take the two zeros away you have 54 numbers. This divides nicely by 18, which is possibly the length of the username needed, to give 3. This could mean three numbers per letter, maybe got using a Beale code. Something like first number for level in marathon, second for terminal, third for letter in that terminal. I know that this might produce results trying to get you to look at the 113th terminal of a level but like I said it could be reduced to the correct number somehow.
I remember an old code that I liked where the alphabet was put into a 5x5 square (yeah bit weird really, i think J was missed out) To get the letter D for example you would write 1/4 for the first column fourth row. The numbers 1 to 5 were the only ones used for the coding so 6, 7, 8, 9 & 0 could be put in randomly to make the code harder to crack.

Just some ideas. I hope someone can improve on them.


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