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Ok, here's the scoop...

Posted By: Freewill <bs@bungie.org>
Date: 29 July 2000, 18:46

Was kinda out of it the last few days... but the site is back up... I have to finish doing some tweaks on some pages, but yes the update should be back up before the weekend's over.

1 extra thing to consider, me and some of my CP brothers are entered in the Myth World Cup tourney. http://myth.strategy-gaming.com/ and http://myth.strategy-gaming.com/teams/cp/ We have a match Sunday at 8pm CDT (feel free to log onto BNet, find us, and cheer us on! :) so I'm also busy being a good teammate and getting some practices going before our match. Wish us luck.

Those looking for pics can already find a lot of stuff at these fine institutions:


Might also interject that having someone like the incomparable Mr. Sinclair (of the Sinclair Clan) write fanfest musings raises the bar WAY up! Suffice to say, I've already gone thru 2 designs on the page, I must make it look GOOD!

Last thing... these pages will be heavy with graphics, prepare your modems :)

- Miguel

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