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Wisdom from the Master

Posted By: Master Angus
Date: 14 June 2001, 00:48

I was puttering about pondering our current situation, when someting clicked. Ho! A post from Chelsea for each glyph! I tried Bealeing a couple it but it didn't turn out so good. Is Chelsea sneaky enough to use her replies as clues for what comes next? Thought for food.

In an effort to go backwards, I strongly feel they started with ARRIVAL. They most likely went with Rot15 to go along with G4 and G6 which are the most inflexible, the others could be tailored to fit. This is what made G1 so difficult, if the Bracket was facing left or down or it was II or III instead of I there would have been a lot less dead ends. But if they began with ARRIVAL it brings the edge numbers into question. There had to be a 6 and a 0 to make G3 work. Are certin numbers arbritrary? ESE is much much more confusing then NWN or WSW. Perhaps it is the placement of the numbers that is arbritrary, on the glyphs and amongst the glyphs. In trying to why the numbers are where, maybe we can learn to use them.

Yours slightly mysteriously,

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