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Marathon 2?

Posted By: Interactive Civilian <tadpole_005@yahoo.com>
Date: 13 June 2001, 22:01

Chelsea said:
> Hundreds of footsteps lined the beach below the citadel, leading across
> the sand and through the garden. They stopped before the citadel's
> towering, almost monolithic stone doors, where the villagers stood
> completely still.

> The light inside the citadel was calling out to them. And they knew it.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? This sounds a heck of a lot like Marathon 2 to me? Lh'owon had its gardens, its sand (deserts), and its Citadel that was closed behind monolithic (are they stone?) doors that had to be opened. Inside the Citadel was something we wanted...information...the "light of knowledge" if I may be poetic for a moment. ;)

So, the first key was Arrival, an obvious Marathon 1 reference. Perhaps the second key will have some relation to Marathon 2? And then the final key will be related to Marathon Infinity. Those truly are the three keys to open the door to this wonderful story, are they not?

So, perhaps Marathon 2 would be something to keep in mind as we try to solve the second key. If it doesn't help with the individual parts, perhaps it will help interpret the final result.

Keep up the excellent work everyone. We'll open this door yet! :)

Heh...in an alternate Universe, perhaps the story behind the locked door would be the fabled Marathon 4, eh? *grin* ;)

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