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You all misunderstand

Posted By: Miguel <bs@bungie.org>
Date: 13 June 2001, 19:13

In Response To: Yeah, we know.... (Locucious)

> I've discovered that it is absolutely impossible to keep up with these
> guys. It can't be done, not with 30-odd messages getting posted every 10
> minutes...

> Jeez....

I don't think I'd ever characterize what's happened here as a race. No one was trying to outdo the other. It's simply a collection of minds trying to output as much information as possible to help reach the same goal. I certainly don't think what you, Tiny Toad, etc., have done has not helped, even if it wasn't directly leading to an answer or not.

While annoying, the sheer mass of messages that passed through this forum showed 'energy' and that was important in keeping the momentum up. If only the folks that solved the glyphs were on this forum and the rest of you got bored and left, I don't think the glyphs would've been solved as quickly and as creatively as it has been.

In other words, you're all appreciated! :-)

- Miguel

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