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Good idea.

Posted By: SteelClasher[CMG] <steelclasher@hotmail.com>
Date: 23 July 2000, 17:30

In Response To: Future Fanfests (Lacrymosa)

I still think Bungie should go on tour, bring along some comps for LAN games, really advertise. It's great to bring the Bungie fans together, but it's even more awesome to draw in more people, which leads to new talent, ideas and an expansion of not only clientele for Bungie products, but also all the 3rd party support that has helped make Myth and Marathon such memorable games. I'd write more but I am going to play with the Mac action sack that I won. :o)

Oh, and order a pizza pie to be held AWAY from everyone else specially for the Bungie/Take Two/and whoever else. Yeroen and Soell didn't get any! I think those magic players were taking 3 slices at a time. :-/

Good on ya!
Watch my Marathon inf. victory film!


> Well as I promised on friday to you, Freewill, here is my post (now that
> i'm done w/ my laundry :\).

> Let's keep these fanfests going!

> You were telling me on friday that there was someone on the Cape (in MA)
> that might have a good idea as to where we could hold a fanfest in
> Massachusetts. I'm piping up to help. The NY fanfest was awsome (except
> for the part where everyone didn't clean up after themselves). All of you
> who had to or did leave early missed some great "Filthy" movies.
> I want to make sure that we get a repeat of the same thing in boston. I
> can think of three people off the top of my head that would love to come,
> and I know there must be more in the New England area that want to come.

> So lets get this thing rolling. and as a guage for the number of people
> that are coming, lets post an invite on evite.com.

> So.....

> Who's with me!

> -Lacrymosa
> (Daniel Chace)

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