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Possible direction to look from clues

Posted By: Dorram <kfitzpat_1@hotmail.com>
Date: 13 June 2001, 11:48

A while back Chelsea wrote this:

"Seven steps down, in a building, I found three rooms. Each room contained a special key to a special lock.

Past the lock, I found a box with a story inside. A wonderful story. It was a story I had seen before, but it felt . . . strange.

My puzzle is the lock I found. Solving it will unlock a world of wonder I cannot describe in my own words.

Truly, Chelsea "

From what I gathered the steps were the glyphs themselves. When the 7th glyph was solved Chelsea mentioned that one step was behind us but we had many more to go.

So, does this mean that this riddle will help us figure something out? I think it will help for sure. Why because that lock is arrival.bungie.org and we just need to get the keys from the three rooms. Where do we go from here? I'm not sure but everyone has been great in thinking together on this. I know someone will figure this out from what I just posted, another persons post, or out of the blue. We have a great story behind that lock. I mentioned this before, but I don't think anyone believed me. It will bring together two games we love and will love soon. I would bet my children(if I had some) on it. Keep up the great work everyone!


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