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Getting a little ahead of myself, but...

Posted By: Shade <wwight@wso.williams.edu>
Date: 12 June 2001, 23:02

Let's assume that mnemesis is right (just because I like his answer so much). I know this is stepping ahead a bit, but we're going to have to do this thinking at some point. If mnemesis is correct, our answers for the seven glyph centers are:


Alphanumerically, that's 16 3 3 20 7 12 23, or perhaps an IP address: (the 0 is "silent"). Since no part of the IP address can be over 255, this is the only address that would work with the numbers in their current order. This IP address is registered to h223.s71.ts32.hinet.net, but there is no live site as far as I can tell.

If an IP address is the wrong way to go, what do we do next? Here are a couple of ideas (some have already been discussed).
1: Relate the letter solution to one of the numbers on the outside of the glyph to get one correct number answer.
2: Relate all the numbers on the glyph to the letter solution (what do 50, 13, 26, etc. have to do with "T"?)
3: Reorder the glyphs somehow.
4: Connect the glyphs (by matching edges?) to get a new order or set of positions.
5: Find out where the center glyph fits in relation to it's outer numbers.
6: Make an acronym from all the letter solutions.

And here are a couple of questions for us all...
1: Are we going to have to make use of the solution methods that got us individual letter solutions? In G6, for example, do we need to keep in mind the NYC subway or is it a fresh puzzle from this point?
2: Do we need to use unique solutions for each glyph all over again, or can we perform the same action on each to get the next [set of] answers.

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