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Big Fat Mega G1 Theory(tm)

Posted By: mnemesis <tvansinden@earthtech.com>
Date: 12 June 2001, 21:54

OK. I'm thinking about Claude's comment about someone yesterday who was SOOOOOOOO close, and also his other comment about Chelsea's post about "tales" (this one) being the one to look at, and I think I've found what he was talking about.

Here, Shade mentions some previous discussion of tic-tac-toe codes and a couple of theories about the solution. I really think that these tic-tac-toe ciphers are the answer to this glyph. The problem is that the encoder can arrange the alphabet however he or she wants to. Here and here are two pages that have tic-tac-toe (and Masonic) cipher methods explained. As you can see, the alphabet can be placed into the "boxes" one letter at a time or three letters at a time (check the second link). Also, there will be a blank space, since the alphabet doesn't divide evenly by three, and this space can be at the beginning or the end of the alphabet. As if that wasn't enough, the letters can be shifted, like starting with the letters T U V in the first row and continuing until you reach S in the last space.

To identify which of the three iterations of the grid your letter is on, a dot or asterisk symbol is used. I think the "I" in G1 could be used to denote which iteration we want to look at, but are they [(blank), *, I] or [(blank), I, II] or even [I, II, III]? The letters that come to mind as possible solutions are E, F, N, O, W, X, P, Q, and R. Also, maybe the "I" tells us to start the alphabet with I J K, in which case the answer would be N, but I think this was proposed already (as were some of the other ones I mentioned).

If we can figure out how Chelsea enciphered the alphabet, the answer should be obvious. (Heh. Yeah, right. ;)

To start the ball rolling (or give it another push, at least) I am going to guess that the grids are I, II, III and the letters are enciphered three at a time, so my guess is "P".

*whew* I need another drink...


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