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Posted By: SavronBlu <savronblu@mmcable.com>
Date: 21 July 2000, 16:19

Ok I can see how selling to MS is a good thing (or bad thing), but do you guys at Bungie realize how many people are awaiting the release of Halo for the PC and Mac? I know..."you haven't made a decision yet"....com'on fess up Bungie. You already know what is going to happen, let's see.....Halo will be released with the Xbox exclusively.....then eventually it will be released for the Mac and PC...am I right? Of course I am. First of all, I don't think MS would have bought your company if they didn't have some influence about what games were going to be released in what platform....my guess is that Halo will be the biggest selling point for the xbox.....everyone is hooked...you have already won awards for a game that has no release date. Many people I know are waiting to buy a new pc about the time Halo is released....what they don't realize is that it won't fit in their machine :). Never in my 12 years of playing computer games have I been so excited about a title that will be released and everyone I know feels the same way. Now it is just a matter of time before people realize they won't be playing the game they have been waiting for so long.
A game console just doesn't have the personalization that a pc has. So in saying all of that...I am pleading with Bungie to release Halo for the Xbox, Mac AND PC.

what a sad day for the computer gaming world.


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