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G6, from the ____ manuscript.... HELP!

Posted By: Grasshopper <rowland@europe.com>
Date: 12 June 2001, 10:31

Guys and galls,

Will some of you with good Internet connections and search saviness do me a big favor? I think it will help us solve it. Like many of us here, I KNOW that I've seen G6 before. I think I know where now. It was in a documentary that was shown, either on HBO, PBS, or the History Channel. Actually, I'm pretty sure it was the History Channel. The documentary was on this family that had dedicated their lives to deciphering this old manuscript. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the manuscript, but it's this big enigma/cipher book that dates from the 15th century, and has recipes, sections on astronomy, alchemy, herbs and plants, and, what this family thought, was that the manuscript contains the formula to eternal youth.

Anyway, this manuscript was written in a very stylized writing. I bet that G6 is from it. It's called the _________ manuscript. The name starts with a Vy, or Wy, or Voy. Help!

-Grass "the-artist-formerly-known-as '&'" Hopper

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