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Sigmas... (The original post is far down below)

Posted By: Steely <steelclasher@hotmail.com>
Date: 11 June 2001, 08:17

The ancient Greek "sigma" has 3 forms, and you use different ones depending on how you study the language. There is a capital Sigma, which looks like (I hope you all can see Mac ASCII) "*", the lowercase, which looks like an "6" rotated 90 degrees clockwise - Greek inscriptions did not use lowercase letters however, and the final sigma, which looks like an "s" more or less (and to my knowledge also not in inscriptions). Now, in the common Attic/Athenian dialects, the final sigma is used to represent the number 6 rather than the digamma which I think is primarily Doric. However, sigma in Ancient Greek often, maybe always, (in the original texts - not modern rewrites) looks like "[" (obviously with the horizontal bars extended more, and usually more curved like a "C".) It is not farfetched to call the letter in glyph 1 a sigma. The "I" seems undoubtably to be an iota. Although how you want to relate them is up for grabs if you go with this theory.

And to note, "Chi" in greek, which looks like a capital "X", often transliterates as "Ch" in English or just plain "C".

Have fun with this.

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