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ESE = K? (this is a lame theory)

Posted By: The Tiny Toad <zorkar@yahoo.com>
Date: 10 June 2001, 15:31

Uhh. Why are we suddenly solving so many circles at the same time? Oh well, here's my theory (one of them at least)

ESE immediately makes me think 353! Because it is. 3+5+3=11=K.

And of all the posts I've read, I'm the first one with a theory that fits on one line. I can't be correct.

Also, Circle 1 is definately a tic-tac-toe symbol... It can't be anything else...The only thing that isn't right is the I. Why an I? Let' say it's the first X placed. Then there are 256 ifferent combinatoins of Xs and Os left, 4 X and 4 O (not including the first X)

Of these 256 combinations, there are 14 combinations where someone wins. As usual when I post something, it doesn't get us anywhere...

If the symbol means 16, like someone suggested, then maybe we're supposed to think about hexadecimal numbers... Usually, a $ sign is used to show that a number is hexadecimal. If the symbol represents the number 60...Didn't the babylonians say that a day was 60 hours long?

This isn't getting us anywhere.

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