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Idea About G5

Posted By: MuCow <cybertoast@adelphia.net>
Date: 9 June 2001, 23:47

I remember mnemesis saying that he kept waiting to see the symbol in G5 tattooed on a celebrity or in a logo, and that got me thinking... does anyone know what kind of music the various people at bungie (yes, I realize they're not OFFICIALLY involved, but just listen to me here) or bungie.org like? I'm relatively new to the marathon/bungie scene, so I'm not even sure if they've ever posted anything about their choice in music, but lots of bands have tattoos of various kinds on them (anyone know if Power of Seven has any?), and I could easily see one of the puzzle's designers looking to a band they like for inspiration, especially if the band's name could easily be reduced to one letter. Then, it would only be a matter of checking fan sites to see if any of the memebers have that sumbol on them. After all, Claude made strong references to the symbol in G5 NOT being a letter from any language.

I dunno... just seems like a plausible idea...

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