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3 games at once...

Posted By: Interactive Civilian <tadpole_005@yahoo.com>
Date: 8 June 2001, 23:45

Chelsea said in one of her posts, something about "3 games at once", to which mnemesis had this insight. There has been a lot spoken about the 3 part solution, but I don't recall seeing anything on what the 3 parts themselves are (forgive me if this has been posted already).

1. Center of the glyph
2. Outer ring of numbers
3. Combination of the two.

Now, it seems a few of the centers have been solved: here, here, and the confirmed one here.

I have a theory on glyph 4 here based on this thread that could be (part of) the combo solution. (feel free to debunk it :) ).

Some headway seems to be being made on the outer rings and the properties of the numbers on them here.

Do these three types of solutions make sense to anyone?

I dunno...anyway, it seems a good bit of progress has been made tonight. I gotta admit, this is one of the coolest online phenomena that I have ever witnessed. This community rocks! Keep it up guys. :)

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