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Subtle link on BORG home page...

Posted By: Miguel <bs@bungie.org>
Date: 8 June 2001, 22:41

The current BORG 'news' section has at the top right a small blurb that contains a link.

"A one, and a two... "

2 = second glyph which has a 32 in it.

The link takes you to a weird page that talks about a Studio Organ.

Could it be an attempt at humor that I'm taking way to seriously? Possibly. But I noticed that 32 plays a part on that page, take a look!

The Schober Studio Organ

This beautiful all-transistor organ sells for only $499.50, absolutely complete and ready to play after assembly - including console, amplifier, speaker system, and reverberation! It is smaller in specification than other Schober Organs, but its 14 independent voices have the same variety and organ-like quality for which Schober is famous.

You select the voices you want by pressing tilt tablets which light up when they go on, so you see instantly what is set up. The spring-type reverberator makes each note linger as it dies away so the sound is spacious, even in a small room. The separate bass and treble speakers with an electrical crossover network give clean, open sound from the 25-watt built-in amplifier. (Schober rates its amplifiers only in terms of steady-state rms sinewave power. As measured in today's more usual way, this amplifier could be rated at about 39 watts "music power" or about 78 watts "peak music power.")

All the facilities needed for organ playing are provided. The lower Accompaniment keyboard ranges from an octave below middle C to the second E above middle C (29 keys) - the full range needed for accompaniment chords and counter-melodies. The upper Solo keyboard runs from the F below middle C to the third E above it (36 keys). The total range of keyboard pitches includes 41 tones. Both keyboards produce the 8' pitches they should in true spinet organ fashion - the lower keyboard ranging lower and the upper one reaching higher. Low 16-foot pitches - beginning at 32.7 cycles per second, 3 octaves below middle C - give real foundation to the pedal sounds. The Studio Organ has its own deep, juicy vibrato, fully controllable from zero to maximum, and a wide-range organ expression pedal (swell shoe) for control of volume as you play.

The Studio Organ is fully solid-state, with 93 transistors. All parts are covered by the 5-year replacement guarantee. Mechanical parts are exactly the same as those used in the most expensive Schober Organs, with heavy steel keyboard construction and gold switch contacts. Keyboards and key switches are supplied fully built and adjusted.

The first quality walnut console comes in kit form, with all materials and instructions for assembly. Read the page about Schober woodwork to see how easy this assembly is. The Studio Organ Demonstration Record SOC-8 (see page 22) is available so you can hear the organ in your own home.


SOLO (Upper manual)
Vox Humana
French Horn

ACCOMPANIMENT (lower manual)

16-foot foundation voice with volume control

Width: 38"
Depth: 23"
Height: 34" including Plexiglas Music Rack
Bench: full length
Weight: about 100 lbs. assembled.

Zero to maximum control

12" bass and 6" X 9" oval treble with LC crossover network (connections
supplied for external systems).

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