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ACG - Another possibility?

Posted By: MoBill
Date: 8 June 2001, 19:12

ACG is also a random number algorithm...

From the website: http://www.math.utah.edu/docs/info/libg++_25.html#SEC44

Class ACG is a variant of a Linear Congruential Generator (Algorithm M) described in Knuth, Art of Computer Programming, Vol III. This result is permuted with a Fibonacci Additive Congruential Generator to get good independence between samples. This is a very high quality random number generator, although it requires a fair amount of memory for each instance of the generator.

The ACG::ACG constructor takes two parameters: the seed and the size. The seed is any number to be used as an initial seed. The performance of the generator depends on having a distribution of bits through the seed. If you choose a number in the range of 0 to 31, a seed with more bits is chosen. Other values are deterministically modified to give a better distribution of bits. This provides a good random number generator while still allowing a sequence to be repeated given the same initial seed.

Any thoughts?

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