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My take on the glyphs - somewhat intriguing...

Posted By: Graphite <graphite@planetquake.com>
Date: 7 June 2001, 06:20

Just ran into this mystery tonight, and I wasn't able to find all of the history of it. But here's my take on the glyphs - there's a couple of coincidences that just might not be.

First of all, several of my ideas came from Grasshopper's recent post in which he recalled creating a table from 1 to 32 using only base 8 numbering - which yielded 26 numbers, or enough for one English alphabet. He discounted this coincidence, I am not so easily disabused of this occurence. :)


Glyph 1 - Using this table of numbers/letters, I tried translating the symbol as a "C" and an "I" into numbers. This yields 11 and 3. The kicker here, is that the C contains the I, indicating a superiority of the C, and hence, the 3. So I though, bump the 3 up a notch and make it 30, and add that to the 11. 41 is the sum. 41 also happens to be in the NW of the glyph.

Glyph 2 - Haven't seen anyone else mention this, although it's highly probable. The first thing I thought of with 32 was temperature - 32? F is freezing, or somesuch. That, and the bar beneath reminded me of a thermometer. That's all I can offer on this glyph, although the concept will have more relevance in a moment.

Glyph 3 - "ESE" translated into letters as explained before yields a 5, 23, and 5. Their sum is 33. 33 appears on the North side of the Glyph. Twice is coincidence, the third is yet to come...

Glyph 4 - No revelations on this one, unfortunately. As cannon fodder, though, the letters 'translate' into 1, 3, and 7 as previously noted. And there's an awful lot of ones, threes, and sevens in the surrounding numbers.

Glyph 5 - Two vague ideas and one that ties in. First vague idea, tilt your head to the left and it might look like a stylized "cf". Second vague idea - infinity. Yeah, I know that's been noticed, but what about the trailing line? To me, it either looks like infinity and then some, or maybe an 8 and then some (9?). It also occured to me the infinity might be representative of a timeline, and that trailing part is an alternate timeline - one not yet condemned to repeat itself like histories are prone to do...

Glyph 5, Part 2 - Sorry, that first one was lots of speculation. This one's actually got some meat, the way I see it. Not only does the figure look like a "cf" from an angle, it also looks like a "9?" (that's "nine degrees") from the same angle. Try not focusing so hard on it if you can't get it. This would make as much sense as the first ideas I had about this one, except I've already mentioned the reference to thrty-two degrees...

Glyph 5, Part 3 - Really sorry this time, but it's just now snapped in that " ...an 8 and then some (9?)" might refer to the 9 on the east side... that, and the nine degrees reference.

Glyph 6 - You've got to be joking. This one, I fear, is going to leap up and bite some poor guy in the bottom because we've all been sitting on it for so long. If you can't tell, I've no clue about this one whatsoever.

Glyph 7 - Okay, we know the Mayan "74" bit. The sum is 11, like the 11 in the SE side.


Last intuitive leap - The four conclusions I drew were all pointing at _different directions_. The numbers matched up on the NW, N, E, and SE sides. Now, related to Locucious' post (and I quote):

"Tubulae" probably means multiple tubes, or paths. Sounds like an underground network, a cave of sorts. We're supposed to arrive at a "location" via "directions." But we don't know what either are.

we may have just (through process of elimination, no less ;) ) eliminated four directions as possibilities. My theory is this - if this sort of pattern holds, we can eliminate one separate direction for every glyph - and the one not struck from the running will show us the way forward.

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