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Postage is getting obscene...

Posted By: Joe Mahma <ciao@teamsmith.com>
Date: 6 June 2001, 23:00

I leave the computer for about four hours, and I come back to find 48 new messages. I don't know which posts I should read and which ones I should ignore. The Glyph Page hardly ever gets updated, and, when it does, it's always missing some of the more important points.

I partially balme myself, for it was I who brought attention to solving the glyphs. That was back when we (er, Miguel) thought that it had to do with Phoenix. I went and opened my big, fat mouth and pointed out that glyph seven had the Mayan numeral for 74 (or 37 x 2). Now, everybody is breaking down the glyphs, trying to find the ultimate meaning in them...

Oops, oh, uh, sorry. Got a bit off track there. ;P Well, I want to some action taken to condense the ammount of posts here, I'd like to see the glyph page updated more often and with more information, and, most of all... I would like to see this gosh-darn puzzle solved.


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